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The world of Information and Communication Technology moves fast. For most people, especially employees who are working 9 to 5, it is not practical to keep up on their own with innovations and changes in ICT standards that are almost an everyday thing. Needless to say, their technical abilities decline with the passage of time. In-house refresher courses are the best and inexpensive way to bring these employees up to speed with the current standards and technologies. These carefully designed training courses will benefit your business in three important ways:


Decreased expenses as employees will able to use the available resources more efficiently.


Increased productivity through enhanced ability of employees to use the latest technology.


Faster and more accurate results as performance constraints are removed.

Years Of Experience


Teachers, both experienced and novice, from time to time require refresher courses and subject guidance. Most international education boards refresh their syllabi after five years. It is sometimes difficult for novice teachers to understand the dynamics of the changes made to their subject syllabi.
Our team has a collective experience of more than fifty years in teaching, training, content developing and education planning and management. Our team can work with individual teachers and the institute’s administration to help them develop better teaching and administrative practices.

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