Technology Services
Software Development

We have been developing custom software systems since 1995. We leverage latest development technologies to create standalone desktop and well as client-server application. MIR Consultants has broad experience in developing user-friendly software solutions and client-server applications tailored to specific business need

We Build Robust:

* Standalone Business Software
* Client Server Applications
* Desktop Applications
* Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
We ensure:

* Secure desktop software applications development
* User-friendly interface and rich functionality of created solutions
* Latest development technologies and tools used for custom projects
* Long-term support and new versions release
* Comprehensive production documentation and specification development       (help, installation guide, user guide)
* Affordable costs and in-time delivery of desktop software applications

List of available ERP Systems:
* School Management System
* Hospital Management System
* 3S Car Dealer Management System
* Carpet Industry Management System
* Textile Industry Management System
* Embroidery Industry Management System
* Import/Export Management System
* POS Management System
No business can survive without proper exposure. The Internet provides your business a cost-effective, round-the-clock and global exposure that can help you expand your market scope. We are experienced in helping our clients realize the potential of exposure on the Internet and promote their products and services in a cost-effective way.


We can develop:

  • Brochure websites to promote your business and provide global exposure.
  • E-commerce websites to introduce your products and services to a global marketplace.
  • Data-centric websites to help you share information with your partners or clients.
  • Personal websites to help you expose your work to a worldwide community of peers.